If someone could help with the translation of this card, please contact me at the address above… my French is pretty much nonexistent. Thanks!

"Having a wonderful time. Went to Disneyland. Monday had a ride on the boat. Been to Farmer’s Market, Hollywood, Universal City so far. Up at 6 A.M., on the road by 8 A.M. Have a lot to see yet."

"Having a good time. Feet getting tired, but enjoying the rides in Magic Kingdom. Going on city tour to-morrow, so might get a bit of rest."

"As it turns out Chip and Dale were everywhere we went. They are Becca’s favorite people! Animals! Jamie got lots of autographs and drew many pictures. Becca was a bit shy but also collected a few. Good time had by all.”

"We went to Epcot and Disney World, were super. EPCOT our favorite!"

"Disney World is incredible! We’re on the go from the early morn til the park closes. There’s much to see & do. It’s been unbelievably hot, too."

Just a quick post to thank all of you so much for your interest in my blog… I’ve received lots of positive attention and messages! Look forward to new memories starting this afternoon and continuing throughout the week, capped off with an interview this Saturday morning at 10:40EST/7:40PST on CW31/Sacramento and online.

"It’s hot and beautiful down here. In the 80s but a nice breeze. We are Disney today & tomorrow too. We had a good trip down. Rex drove all but 2 hrs. Got to Orlando about 5:00 p.m Friday. Lots of motels are full & we were lucky to find one only 10 min away from Disney. And cheap too! $16 a nite. Richard was great on the trip. He sure loves it here."


"The weather is in the 80’s and the kids are having fun. Rained a little one day not bad. Now we’re at Jacksonville Beach and it’s pouring."